The Hubble telescope found in space “living fossil”

The newly discovered galaxy Bedin 1 is almost the same age as the Universe. Its age is 13 billion years old.

Astronomers using Hubble discovered a dwarf spheroidal galaxy about 30 million light years from us. She was named Bedin 1 and its special feature is that its age practically coincides with the age of the Universe. About it writes the Hubble.

Object about a thousand times darker and 30 times smaller than our own milky Way Galaxy.

Unlike the milky Way, which refers to the type of a spiral galaxy, bidyn 1 is approximately spherical – what astronomers call a dwarf spheroidal galaxy.

This is one of the 36 galaxies that are known to exist in the so-called Local group of galaxies that includes the milky way and neighboring Andromeda.

The age of the galaxy is about 13 billion years. Distance to the nearest galaxy NGC 6744 is about 2 million light years.

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