Turkish Airlines and other companies canceled thousands of flights because of the change of airport in Istanbul

Turkish Airlines and other companies canceled thousands of flights because of the change of airport in Istanbul

Turkish Airlines and other companies canceled thousands of flights because of the change of airport in Istanbul

The airline Turkish Airlines announced the cancellation of hundreds of flights in the first half of April due to the transition from the current basic Istanbul Ataturk airport in the new airport of Istanbul. Seriously affected by including all Russian routes Turkish Airlines. In addition, April 5-6, canceled almost all flights of foreign airlines in Istanbul, reminds sob.Q. Travel.ru.

Recall that the translation of all flights from the existing airport Ataturk in the new, which will be simply called Istanbul, is scheduled for April 5-7. In contrast to earlier periods (the transition was postponed three times), April is likely to be met, and the mass cancellation of flights the base of the carrier to ensure this transition confirms this.

April 5, almost all the flights of Turkish Airlines will be completed on schedule, but next week will be very problematic to fly to Istanbul, or through it. In the Moscow area, where Turkish Airlines is now doing up to 5 departures a day on 6, 7 and 9 April scheduled only one flight, and on single-aisle Airbus A321. 8 APR scheduled two flights, April 10 three, April 11 – four, and on 29 April the flights will be five.

Flights Turkish Airlines to St. Petersburg and Kazan cancelled from 6 to 8 April, in Sochi, from 6 to 9 April in Rostov-on-don and Krasnodar – from 6 to 10 April, in Ufa and Voronezh, from 6 to 11 April in Samara – from 6 to 14 April in Yekaterinburg – from 3 to 12 April. Then the flights will be resumed according to the regular schedule (most of these lines the company serves daily).

Tickets previously purchased for cancelled flights, while automatically rebooked on the next available date. This, among other things, led to the fact that for the next days (mostly 4-5 and 9-12 April) tickets can not be at all or they are only available in business class or expensive tariff of economy class.

However, passengers affected by these cancellations, have the opportunity to move the trip for any other date. They can also ask Turkish Airlines transplant on the flight of another carrier (but keep in mind that 5-6 April, all flights of foreign airlines to Istanbul cancelled – with the exception of those that are committed to the airport Sabiha Gokcen – Istanbul and their flights to neighboring date can already be crowded). In addition, you can submit a ticket without penalty.

Aeroflot has also cancelled all flights to Istanbul and back on April 5-6. April 7, flights will be resumed with the usual frequency of five times a day in a new airport. Child carrier “Victory” took other measures in March, leaving only flights to airport Sabiha Gokcen in the Asian side of the city. Tickets “Victory” on the problem of the April date, of course, already significantly increased.

Thus, in the period 4 to 11 April, flights to Istanbul, or through it will be quite problematic and expensive. Passengers who need to get into the city these days, it might be useful to look for alternative routes, including flights to Sabiha Gokcen, other Turkish cities (or even in the Bulgarian airports). In addition, passengers whose flights Istanbul in early April saved the schedule, you should regularly check the status of their flights.

Recall that such problems with the transition to the new airport arose not only out of concern for how he will cope with a large volume of flights, but also because the airway of the old and new airports overlap, and concurrent full-time job both impossible, and a partial – valid with great restraint. On Friday 5 April from 3.00 to 19.00 flights to the old airport Ataturk will only be available to Turkish carriers (Turkish Airlines, Atlas Global, Onur Air). From 5 April 19.00-3.00 Saturday 6 April will be allowed for flights of Turkish Airlines – this will allow you to send the majority of long-haul flights, the last of which will be the flight to Singapore. After that, Ataturk is fully closed to commercial flights.

The new airport of Istanbul on April 5 to work with passenger flights will not be at all (until April 4, it serves a couple of dozen Turkish Airlines flights daily, including flights to Moscow 5 times a week). 14.00 Saturday 6th of April he will resume accepting flight – first Turkish Airlines from 19.00 will be added Onur Air and Atlas Global, and midnight – all foreign airlines. In addition, both airports on March 5-6 will work on the transfer of the aircraft of Turkish companies without passengers from the old airport to the new one.

Recall that the first full operation of the new airport was planned since 29 October, then from 1 January, then from March 3. However, deficiencies for each of these periods has left a lot of. The October and December photos from the new airport available on Travel.ru.

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