Scientists have found abnormally “lone” galaxy

She doesn’t fit into any theory of the formation because of the sparse number of satellite galaxies.

Astronomers have detected abnormal galaxy Messier 94, which is very similar to the milky Way, but has very few galaxies-satellites. About it is celebrated on the Cornell University website.

While our galaxy, there are ten such satellites, Messier 94 has only two.

“It’s not just some deviation from the norm. Existing theories of galaxy formation can not explain this,” says astronomer Adam Smartine.

The researchers conducted additional testing using traces of radiation, and was not able to detect other galaxies are satellites.

“That’s what the main interest of such a discovery when they find that it is impossible to predict in the simulation. When they discover something, a reality which never even believed it broadens the horizons of knowledge. This is really encouraging,” he added Smertin.

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