What is the particular strategy of NASA?

  • First, there is still an interplanetary ship capable of delivering to the red planet human. And this despite the fact that we are talking not about one astronaut, and about a few that will require a large amount of resources for life on a planet with extremely adverse conditions.
  • Secondly, Americans flying to the moon is still nothing confirmed, if not to take into account the photos and video on the lunar models in the halls of Hollywood. Flight to Mars also will be in the same show?
  • Thirdly, there is no protection from galactic radiation, which on the way to Mars kill the crews of space ships. In fact, it is necessary to speak about the flight of bombers who voluntarily will go in one end, knowing that not reach alive.

Of course, there are other serious circumstances, in order to make the plans of NASA for a typical trick of knocking out a lot of money from the US budget for their needs. Of course, controlled by the crew flight to Mars — the purpose of tempting. The more that the Moon would have been achieved by the Americans and becomes less interesting for colonization. The NASA logo

Ask this banal question: why do earthlings to colonize the moon and Mars? After all, this requires enormous financial resources. Research in the interest of science? As they say, out of curiosity? Allow me to doubt. Things are much simpler.

On Earth resources are depleted. Their barbaric extraction has led to the fact that the planet is on the brink of destruction. The frequent earthquakes of this signal. Abrupt climate change — second signal. Global warming will raise the global sea level to such a level that the water will flood many countries. According to scientists, the forecast for the future includes almost total submergence by the year 2100 the United States. Новая миссия NASA, планируемая в 2020-х гг.A new NASA mission planned in 2020-ies.
Instead of having to allocate finances on a purely earthly tasks, the world continues to expand the range of problems. Waste own habitats, the accumulation of thermonuclear weapons, the emergence of new diseases… There is something to grab the head and to seek refuge on other planets. I believe it’s planned escape from the Land in the long term, the richest part of the offspring of the current elite.

This assumption can be allowed, if we follow the strategy of NASA in the coming decades. And there is not only the colonization of the moon and Mars, but colonization of Saturn’s moon — Titan! What is he attractive? Yes, the fact that Titanium has a powerful atmosphere, there is the ocean and the sea, in which there is no water, and… hydrocarbons! And they energy base that will allow you to create on Titan copy earth’s technology. Hydrocarbons on Titan much more than they were on Earth. But most important, they were not necessary to obtain. Because all this wealth on Titan — in the ocean and seas. Сравнение размеров Земли, Титана (слева внизу) и ЛуныSize comparison of Earth, Titan (lower left) and moon

Although Titan is a planet is very severe, but the presence of huge resources there would create for settlers is quite comfortable for living.

The impression is that NASA has a specific order of certain circles, which, dirtied Earth, just plan to invest then Finance the colonization of other planets in our Solar system. Sounds crazy! But the smoke without fire does not happen.

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