In Kiev observed a heavy-duty truck is Mighty (video)

A new generation of medium-duty trucks Hyundai Mighty EX8 debuted in the Ukrainian market in the framework of the international TIR show 2017 Kyiv. The car has replaced the popular models HD 65/78. Recently on the roads of Kiev were seen one such car bought capital carrier.

Hyundai Mighty EX8 (eng. “the mighty”, “powerful”) lives up to its name. Chassis has a solid margin of safety that allows you to carry 1,500 kg more regulated 5375 kg. Thus, the total capacity of the chassis reaches 68 to 75 kg. Full mass is – 9700 kg.

Hyundai EX8 Mighty on the roads of Kiev

This model is offered with a wheelbase of 4200 mm, and the total length of the chassis is 7370 mm. the Wheelbase is equal to 4200 mm. In the end, you can install add-ins body length of up to 5750 mm.
Hyundai Mighty EX8 comes with a new 4.0-litre turbodiesel Euro 5 standard, developing 170 HP

In Kiev observed a heavy-duty truck is Mighty (video)

As without a comfortable cab, which received a completely new design both outside and inside. Moreover, it is located lower, which facilitates the approach/landing, which is important for delivery of the truck, making dozens of stops a day.

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