The UK will become unavailable for the InterRail and Eurail

The UK will become unavailable for the InterRail and Eurail

The UK will become unavailable for the InterRail and Eurail

Association of railway carriers UK Rail Delivery Group (RDG) adopted a decision to withdraw from the system of European travel cards, InterRail and Eurail. Thus the trip to the UK will be much more expensive for tourists, using these passes, especially for young people. It is likely that most owners of travel will just exclude the UK from their travels, believes sob.Q.

It’s a strange decision will take effect immediately. Passengers with InterRail and Eurail pass, purchased before 31 December 2019, will be able to ride with them in the UK before the end of their validity period. Use InterRail (this ticket is available for Russian tourists) within 11 months from the date of purchase. Thus, those wishing to have a chance to ride on the British Isles even in the fall of 2020 – provided that it is purchased in 2019. Travel purchased in the year 2020, will act only in continental Europe.

Recall that InterRail is a European travel that allows the holder unlimited travel on trains in most of Europe for a reasonable amount. Young people under the age of 28 can ride on the continent at prices from 168 EUR (for 3 days) to 694 EUR (for 3 months), adults travel cost from 218 to 812 euros, there are discounts for pensioners and families. Periodically there are additional bonuses – for example, in the coming week travel in the fall you can buy for 10% cheaper. InterRail – ticket is very popular, especially among young Europeans, enabling them to see many countries of the inexpensive – for example, during the summer holidays.

RDG said that the reason for the exit from the system of InterRail and Eurail was the desire to promote its own BritRail pass. It acts either on the entire Kingdom (at the request and with the whole of Ireland), or only parts of it – for example, only in Scotland or only in the South-East of England, and so on. At the same points of sales in the UK for several years does not exist – you have to buy travel agencies before coming to the country. However, now part of travel is already available in the form of mobile ticketing, which eliminates the problem of the search of the Agency abroad.

However, the main problem with BritRail – its dearness. In fact, it costs about the same as the InterRail, but the latter allows you to travel the whole of Europe and BritRail for the same money is just one country. It is obvious that the vast majority of tourists making the tour of Europe, will not buy both tickets – they’re probably just removed UK from the list of destinations in the journey, or just one London. In the British capital InterRail or Eurail will still be allowed to drive for an additional 30 euros each way on the Eurostar, following the tunnel under the English channel.

A British opposition politicians have called the decision short-sighted and reckless RDG. They said that thereby the country will lose a lot of tourists miss the chance to present themselves in a favorable light to the youth of other countries of Europe. The criticism was joined by representatives of several UK regions, dissatisfied with the probable decline in tourist traffic in their city.

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