Video of the day: Smach Z — potentially the best portable game console — cope with a number of games including GTA V

About portable gaming console Smach Z we wrote more than once. Recall that in its time the console was successfully funded on Kickstarter, but ultimately did not come in time, as the creators decided to change the platform.

Видео дня: Smach Z — потенциально лучшая портативная игровая консоль — справляется с рядом игр, включая GTA V

In the end, the console is almost ready for market launch. It is based on APU Ryzen Embedded c V1605B four cores Zen and Vega GPU with 512 stream processors. That is, it is very efficient for its segment solution. The device works under control of Windows 10.

Today the creators of the console have published a few videos to show how their console to cope with modern video.

As you can see, the console handles are not only very simple for modern GPUs indie games and not the latest strategies and though not the newest, but more performance-GTA V and Firewatch. We used an alpha version of the device.

As for the release date, Smach Z is due out this year, but the exact date yet.

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