Video of the day: Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 is dropped into a pitcher of water…

Smartphone Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 is not only excellent value of price and features (at least, if you take into account the cost model in China), but also increased durability. The machine goes through the same quality control as the flagship model, with its corners reinforced, protective glass panel is thickened to 0.8 mm, and the connectors and the keys are isolated from moisture. That the apparatus (especially its screen) withstands mechanical stress, we already know, and today published a video with full immersion in water.

As you can see, the test passes without consequences. The developers say that the Redmi Note 7 splashproof, but in reality it can withstand even such a short-time immersion under water. In life often happens, when the smartphone to spill water or beer, he falls out of the pocket in the sink under running water or slipping in the bath water. In all such situations Redmi Note 7 has a high chance to survive — we just need time to get it.

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