Wprd Falanga paying for Posada’s Head Poczesna Naglyadova for Prat “Broker”

TSE matter of Pody for a groupie of companies “Broker”, synergy swetoha dowu strategiczne NTUC, on the one hand, I upravlencheskikh knowledge in Ukrainian realities. hoho. Wrimo scho TSI SMN dopomozhut us roscherite posits “Broker” beyond the boundaries Ukrayinsky rinku that dosiahnutie novih USPHS in umovah znacznik transformations scho vdbase have swova Avtomobilny ndustr. After Avtomobilny business, that mi knew ostan 25 years, Dinamo sminutes. Novi Veliki vimagati new millennia, innovating pahodu the development of strategies. Peredove Dowd, yaky got Wprd Vahland the yaky not disposable DOPOMOGA companies pid Yogo cervista dosagethe ospho, Mauger the way kluchevoy the warehouses for vvedennya a groupie of companies “Broker” at Novi riven”, – noted Oleg Boyarin.

Wprd Vahland pocas pracowali have concern Volkswagen Group z 1990 roku. After, Yak pan Vahland sinav be called a few more of klucovych positions at Volkswagen AG, 2005, the year he took on himself modified for Concern at the quality of the General Director of Volkswagen Group China, de sprev uspshnomu development of new napramku Volkswagen have Kita.

Have Ptotal ŠKODA pan Vahland pocas pracowali from 2002 year, siniawski post member For Directors, Vdovin for comartin power, and rock later – Posada VCE-head. At the 2010 pan Vahland becoming the head For Directors ŠKODA, state Rozwadowski prodag cheskogo brand. From 2015 year, after 25 years of work in PLANO concern, Vnrd Vahland salisu Concern that skoncentrovana on novih AMTI projects Avtomobilny Galus. One iz profesini focus pan Falanga wtaer mill Broker of the Ukraine in particular.

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