Volvo FH XXL – European truck with American sleeping bag (video)

Volvo FH XXL – European truck with American sleeping bag (video)

Externally, the Volvo FH XXL does enlarged cabin, which visually seems even longer thanks to the wide spoilers behind. New cabin lengthened by 250 cm, inner height is 220 cm, and in the engine compartment – 211 cm size of the sleeping compartment new approaches to American conventional tractor Volvo VNL 760 Exceed.

Both of these machines were presented at the presentation and subsequent test drive of the Volvo FH with a new turbocompound engine. On the test drive we will talk separately in more detail.

By the way, the bonnet, the American was presented not only for the big sleeping bag. It turns out that new turbocompound engine D13 for the first time tested it and then installed it on the European Volvo.

But back to Volvo FH XXL. The driver will be crazy about the bottom shelf sleeping, a real bed – with a length of 2130 mm and a width of 1065 mm. Top shelf is also rather large, with a length of 1920 mm and a width of 600 mm. However in the presented sample is top shelf was installed for additional storage compartments with a capacity of 245 liters, the horizontally closing doors, shutters. This plus the three standard lockers over the windscreen – with a capacity of 180 L. by the Way, the volume of the outer stowage compartments increased, by 50 l on each side.

Seat partner turns around, before him a table. On the sidewall of the roof, driver side mounted flat panel television.

Presented at the exhibition Volvo FH XXL was equipped with 13-liter turbodiesel engine rated at 540 HP With them is aggregated in an automated gearbox with dual clutch I-Shift Dual Clutch, which allows shifting without breaking the power flow.

The tractor with the wheel formula 6×2 is equipped with a pneumatic suspension of all wheels, including the front. Note that as an option, the Volvo FH equipped with front suspension FSS-AIR-adjustable ground clearance ASF-DLL – at speeds over 60 km/h the truck squats 10 to 30 mm, which optimizes aerodynamics and improves fuel efficiency.

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