Xiaomi Mi 9 preparing to go outside of China even before the announcement

Xiaomi Mi 8 was one of the most affordable flagship smartphones last year, which, though published outside China but are available in relatively small list of countries.

Sources say that Xiaomi Mi 9 was originally planned for release in several countries around the world, as indicated by the fact certification of the device outside China. Management on development of media in the field of information communications Singapore (Info-communications Media Development Authority) gave the smartphone Xiaomi Mi 9 model number M1901F1G certificate is required for entering the market. Previously, the smartphone was certified by the Chinese regulator under 3S model number M1902F1A/T

The fact that the smartphone is already preparing to leave outside of China even before the official announcement clearly indicates that the company plans to initially offer the unit to residents of more countries.

Xiaomi Mi 9 готовится к выходу за пределами Китая еще до анонса

Earlier this week, a representative of the company Xiaomi on public relations of Lezzoni Zou(Zou Longjun) directly hintedthat Xiaomi Mi 9 will replace the Xiaomi Mi 3 Mix the post best camera phone of the company.

Rumors indicate that Xiaomi Mi 9 will be presented at the exhibition Mobile World Congress 2019, which will be held at the end of this month.

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