Xiaomi stopped selling smartphones Mi 9 Mi 9 Mi 9 SE and Explorer Edition due to the fact… that cannot produce them in sufficient quantity

Xiaomi company has released two official statements. In the first talked about the suspension of sales of smartphones and SE Mi 9 Mi 9 Explorer Edition, published later the second we are talking about all models of the series 9 Mi. Message each message is the same – sales stop. The reason is quite original – insufficient inventory.

Xiaomi остановила продажи смартфонов Mi 9, Mi 9 SE и Mi 9 Explorer Edition из-за того… что не может произвести их в достаточном количестве

It’s simple: even despite the launch of the Assembly line the second contract manufacturer, the company still fails to make Mi 9 Mi 9 Mi 9 SE and Explorer Edition in sufficient quantity. Users, frustrated by the inability to acquire the coveted smartphone, throw page officials in Weibo about that one – when the smartphone will be available? To prevent such a situation and in some measure to equalize all (if someone was carrying a purchase to someone not, now all things being equal), Xiaomi has decided to completely cancel the sale.

Of course, the complete abolition of the question. Because smartphones are sold in batches, until cancelled by one or more parties. But sales are carried out about once a week, so the next time to buy Mi 9 obtained no earlier than after 7-10 days.

And yet, probably the head of the company czony the LEU (Lei Jun) still have to take a screwdriver and most will go to the Assembly line. He promised to do it, if Xiaomi not all will be able to increase production volumes of smartphones. However, already then he nodded not so much on problems with the Assembly process, as with the management and lack of experience. But ordinary users that does not help.

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